To our Annual Review

for 2022 - 2023

Who We Are

We provide a wide range of important services to our partners, from estates and facilities operations to business support services. We were established in 2017 by Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust and our profits are returned to the NHS to support patient care.

As a limited company we have built a commercial ethos onto our NHS values and now provide our services to other NHS organisations and beyond. We are proud of the quality of the services we offer and the part we play in supporting better care.

We make a difference to people’s lives and have a strong social purpose. We support our partner charities and are driving plans to become net zero and to tackle discrimination and champion equality.

We have a strong track record of service delivery and have grown the range and scope of services we offer since we were established. We have a strong team of people and are confident we can continue to succeed into the future.

What We Do

Estates, Capital Projects and Town Planning

Maintenance of buildings, grounds and gardens, maintenance of medical devices, management of capital projects, and delivery of town planning advice.

Facilities and Property

Domestic services, portering, laundry and linen, patient and staff catering, switchboard and reception services, security, car park management, and management of our property portfolio, including PFI contract management.

Clinical Support Services

Outpatient pharmacy and digital dictation.

Business Support Services

Lease cars and staff benefits, workforce, legal and governance services, finance, procurement, communication and engagement and management consultancy

Paitient meals provided
Invoices processed
Tonnes of waste disposed
Medicine packs processed

How We Work

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS (CNTW) and are part of the CNTW Group. We operate as a private company with our own Board of Directors and Leadership Team who manage the company. 

The transfer of services to the company has meant both organisations can focus on their core activities and business.

We are committed to supporting CNTW alongside our other current and future partners and customers by providing the best possible support services to them, their staff and the people who use their services.

Staff Members
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Company Turnover
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Capital Programme spend
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of Key Performance Indicator Targets met

Where We Work

Our Core Operating Area

We work across the north, our main sites include :

  • Carleton Clinic
  • Centre for Ageing and Vitality
  • Ferndene
  • Hopewood Park
  • Monkwearmouth Hospital
  • Northgate Park
  • St George’s Hospital
  • St Nicholas’s Hospital
  • Walkergate Park

Our Values

Our values are important to us, and we strive to live by them every day and have them front and centre in all we do. Our values are to be:

Caring and Compassionate


Honest and Transparent

Our Strategy

Our strategy was refreshed in 2021 and runs to 2024.

The overall company strategy is to support our partners to deliver better care by:

  • Being the collaborative partner of choice
  • Embedding our values in everything we do
  • Tackling the climate emergency
  • Developing a culture of quality and innovation
  • Being a great and inclusive place to work

We have the strategy at the centre of what we do, and our Leadership Team meeting is structured around our strategic aims, as is this annual review.

Being the Collaborative Partner of Choice

Integrating Estates Management at Walkergate Park

From June 2022 NTW Solutions formally took on the estates management at Walkergate Park Hospital in Newcastle for CNTW. The hospital is a PFI build, and the estates function was previously provided by an external contractor. As the estate is now managed by NTW Solutions it means the same team manages the estate for CNTW on almost all other sites, bringing the service closer to the Trust and more aligned with its clinical priorities. The estate management also joins the facilities team on site which was already managed by the company.

Expanding into Cumbria

A great deal of work has taken place during this year to expand our offering into north Cumbria. This will have huge benefits for CNTW, for NTW Solutions itself, as well as our staff, as we integrate services across the entire CNTW footprint. There will be more updates in next year’s annual review, but we are looking to offer our estates, facilities, patient finance, outpatient pharmacy services in north Cumbria over the coming year. These services will join our services which already operate there such as digital dictation, finance and procurement.

Refurbishing Benton House

The NTW Solutions property team has led work to refurbish Benton House in Newcastle. The accommodation had become tired and was in need of refurbishment. As a result of this work, Benton House now provides a bright and modern working environment for the CNTW clinical teams who are based there. The work has involved a total renovation of the interior space as well as updates to some of the systems within the building, all of which will lead to a much more effective operation with reduced maintenance costs and an improved environment efficiency rating.

New customer for the Lease Car Team

As well as being re-appointed to a number of key frameworks the team have taken on a new customer this year opening up the offering to a new organisation. The team are also exploring a major partnership which would allow the team to expand and while the discussions are at an early stage they are progressing well.

Capital programme continues

The capital build programme continues with some major schemes nearing completion. The CEDAR programme is a large project to provide new and repurposed accommodation across the CNTW estate. The new Sycamore Unit at Northgate will be finished soon with focus then moving to repurposing the Bamburgh Clinic at St Nicholas Hospital. The unit at Northgate is set to be a flagship building for CNTW as a centre of excellence with the most up to date facilities provided on site.

Introducing a medical devices management service

A lot of work has taken place this year to bring the management of medical devices into NTW Solutions. This will mean that we manage and maintain all medical devices for CNTW. In the future we are planning to deliver a much more proactive system of maintenance management of the medical devices which will improve the quality of the service on offer. This will be a new service for NTW Solutions in a crucial area of operation for the NHS.

Establishing a town planning service

NTW Solutions now offers town planning services to public and private sector clients. The new service has been launched following the appointment of Katherine Brooker, an experienced Chartered Town Planner.

Katherine Brooker has been appointed as Head of Planning and is now providing in-house advice to both NTW Solutions and CNTW. This in-house service is delivering a saving to our teams instead of using external consultancy firms.

Katherine has over 20 years’ experience in town planning, providing strategic as well as site specific advice for both public and private sector clients. She is now working to expand the service, offering expertise to clients across the Northeast and beyond.

Collaborating with the ICS

We are working closely with our partners in the integrated care system. We are working on joint plans to collaborate where that is possible and appropriate. This could be an opportunity to provide services more widely within the NHS in the future.

Increase in teams using digital dictation

The digital dictation team continues to provide a high-quality service to clinical teams. As a result of the esteem in which the service is held, it has continued to grow without needing to proactively promote the service offered. Word of mouth amongst clinical teams has led to an additional 27 new teams using the service.

The service NTW Solutions provides to CNTW allows clinical teams to focus on their clinical work, unburdening their time and fulfilling our aim of supporting better care. The team continues to receive excellent feedback and there is no better accolade for the team than the huge increase in service demand. Many are looking to access the expertise offered from digital dictation.

Introducing a new customer survey

We have developed a user satisfaction survey which is based on best practice already identified within the company of getting and using customer feedback. The survey link has been added to all email signatures, embedded in all service pages of the intranet and included in the CNTW all staff bulletin.
The results are reported quarterly to the Board and the Leadership Team with discussions on any action required taking place and improvements being made. This adds to our existing feedback and communication channels.

Just a huge note of appreciation! Thank you so much for your amazingly fast and super-efficient returns of dictations, not just tonight. You’re amazing and so so very appreciated. Thank you!

Embedding Our Values in Everything We Do

Our Directors head back to the floor

As part of National Healthcare Estates and Facilities Management Day in June, our Directors went back to the floor and experienced life on the frontline in some of our teams. The aim of the day was to say thank you to our staff for everything they do, especially during the pandemic but also day in day out.

Malcolm Aiston washed the dishes during the lunch service, learned how to use the till and also cleaned some fridges and got a real insight into the busy operation of the café over the lunchtime service.

Tracey Sopp had a sit in one of our brand new tractors and heard first-hand what an improvement they are on the old ones. She also tried her hand at some grass cutting.

Paul McCabe helped clean a ward, learned the correct way to mop, and saw first-hand the importance of our domestic staff to the life of a ward. 

Developing Staff and Manager Forums

Staff drop-in sessions used to take place before covid and following the pandemic we have started them again. They take place on all our main sites, and we have expanded the locations to include sites where they had not taken place before. They are an opportunity for teams to hear from the Managing Director and ask any questions they have.

We also started Managers’ Forums which were new and a chance for managers to also interact with the Managing Director and to discuss key issues facing the company. Both forums have deepened our engagement with staff and managers and is embedding open and honest two-way communications into how we work.

Developing our company identity

We have refreshed our branding, using the colours and elements of our logo as inspiration. Instead of a dogmatic set of brand rules we have introduced a ‘look and feel’ which people can adapt to enable our brand to be adopted and recognised. This has been rolled out across the company including new PowerPoint, poster, and report templates, including this annual review.

A brand is more than a logo and materials, it is a combination of everything we do and how we project ourselves in every way. Our total website refresh projects our values and brand, with use of bold images of our staff, and friendly open and accessible language. We have adopted a tone of voice across our communication channels that reflects who we are.

Improved staff survey

Last year we did our own staff survey rather than using the national NHS survey. We learned a lot from that and this year improved our own survey even further. The survey is shorter, simpler, and more relevant to our staff. At the beginning people were able to give free text on their views of working here and the information we got back was a really rich and useful source of information. The results were overwhelmingly positive with some clear areas for improvement.


Rolling out iPad’s for facilities staff

To help with communications, our facilities staff were given iPad’s, alongside the other handheld devices estates staff have. The roll out has had some challenges and the complexity of people getting used to the devices was probably underestimated given some members of our staff do not own or use any of their own personal smart devices. However, it remains the right thing to do and because we have increased support for the management of the iPad’s, usage is increasing. There are huge benefits to be unlocked from the project to ensure our teams are in touch with the latest news from the company and they can feed back any news, ideas, and suggestions they have.

I just wanted to say how impressed I was with our domestic today. She moved furniture to clean underneath, cleaned bedrooms and really seemed to go above and beyond. Thank you

Tackling the Climate Emergency

Greening our lease car fleet

The way people travel is a large contributor to carbon emissions, and our lease car team have been working to reduce our impact on the environment as part of our green plan. Almost a third of our leased cars are now purely electric and just under half are classed as green, for example those with hybrid engines. Our pool cars and transport vehicles are also transitioning to electric as and when they are replaced. We are working to further develop the team by engaging in a range of awareness days, promoting electric cars, charging equipment, bikes, and cycle to work schemes.

Tonnes of carbon saved from installation of electric car chargers

Improving on site chargers and delivering home chargers

The lease car team have been involved in a project to revamp the onsite car charges for electric vehicles and there are now around 70 chargers across 12 sites. The team also operates a home charger scheme with 130 home charging stations now in place for our lease car users who have an electric car.
The results are reported quarterly to the Board and the Leadership Team with discussions on any action required taking place and improvements being made. This adds to our existing feedback and communication channels.

Developing an environmentally friendly estate

Our capital projects team has delivered hundreds of projects over the last two decades. They have been at the cutting edge of environmental design and building processes. The current major project is the CEDAR programme which is delivering new and refurbished accommodation on a number of key CNTW sites.

The new Sycamore unit at Northgate is a key part of the CEDAR project and is being delivered with the highest environmental standards possible. It has achieved an excellent BREEAM rating and will have an ‘A’ rated EPC. The ongoing operation and maintenance of buildings is a large contributor to our emissions, so establishing energy efficient buildings is crucial in achieving our green plan.

The results are reported quarterly to the Board and the Leadership Team with discussions on any action required taking place and improvements being made. This adds to our existing feedback and communication channels.

Introducing reusable items in our cafés

Small changes can make a big difference and that is why our cafés are promoting reusable items such as cups and food containers. The cafés sell reusable coffee mugs and offer a free hot drink when they are purchased and encouraging their reuse. We have also started to sell an innovative range of reusable water bottles; they are not only made from sustainable sources, but they can also be reused many times and will biodegrade easily. Our cafés continue to innovate and play their part in reducing waste and cutting the impact on the environment.


Greening our procurement

Our procurement team procures many millions of pounds of goods and services for the CNTW Group. They are delivering carbon reduction strategies within procurement wherever there is the opportunity to do so. This takes place by collecting environmental information from contracts through regular contract reviews and tendering processes. Environmental considerations are embedded within the tender evaluation process, based on government procurement policy, and we encourage stakeholders and suppliers to consider opportunities for continual environmental improvements.

Procurement staff regularly undertake seminars on the social value of procurement and sit an annual ethical procurement exam provided through the Chartered Institute of Procurement.

We seek to minimise waste and inefficiency through contract consolidation and tender specifications and development as well as through active contract management. We work closely with our suppliers and partners to ensure their operations are as environmentally efficient as possible.

Save money and save the planet

Tackling the climate emergency and delivering on our Green Plan is important to us and part of that is working with staff on what they can do to help.

Engaging with staff on our green plan

Our strategy involves engaging with our teams about the climate crisis and as part of that we have increased the range of news stories and items covering our internal communications around the environment. Some of these stories are about the work the company is doing to deliver the green plan, where others are focused on the difference that individuals can make to the environment.

Energy and low carbon manager

There is a huge amount of work to do to reduce our energy usage and lower our carbon impact and to help develop our plans we have appointed an Energy and Low Carbon Manager. They will help us drive forward our ambitious plans to achieve net zero.

Moving to net zero

Work has been undertaken this year which could see our first net-zero site with a major collaborative bid being prepared which if successful would be a huge step forward for us.

Since I first ordered a lease car back in 2018, I have experienced nothing but exceptional customer service from the staff. I could not ask for a better service

Developing a culture of quality and innovation

Improving recruitment and retention

Recruitment and retention is a major issue for organisations around the country and we are no exception. The workforce team has undertaken a huge amount of work to streamline our recruitment processes and bring innovation to how we do things. We have looked at the whole process from end to end and listened to both recruiting managers and new staff to understand how the process works and how it can be improved.

For example, we know that some people find it difficult to navigate the NHS jobs website which is set up for very different types of roles from those we recruit. As a result of this feedback, we introduced a paper application form for people to use, making the process much more accessible. We’ve continued to apply the innovations we were able to develop during covid in terms of taking a risk-based approach to recruitment, for example, where people can begin their job quickly. For instance, if somebody is coming from another NHS organisation and we are waiting for their checks to take place, they can begin work with us as long as they’re working with another member of our staff.

Improving promotion of the company


We are also undertaking a lot of work on how we present ourselves as a company. We now have banner stands, leaflets as well as other materials to give away at jobs fairs such as pens and notebooks. We have put a lot of effort into improving how we use social media with an increase in the quality of graphics as well as trying new and innovative ideas. We have revamped our website and in particular the section on working with us. We know lots of people now look for jobs in organisations that share their values, so we have massively increased the amount of information on the website about our social purpose and how we operate as a company.

Introducing homeworking in digital dictation

Home working was being considered prior to the pandemic but covid accelerated this process. The digital dictation team took their equipment home in March 2020 and there was no interruption to service and no drop in productivity. The team have used the technology we have available, such as Microsoft Teams, to replicate the workplace environment and keep in touch with each other very closely throughout the day and night, supporting and helping each other. We believe this is an excellent model for how home working can work both for the employee and for the company.

We have had good feedback from the digital dictation team on the new ways of working and home working has become a permanent fixture for them. This has allowed us to broaden recruitment out beyond the Monkwearmouth Hospital area where the service used to be based. Given the challenges all teams are facing with recruitment at the moment, this gives us a real advantage in the recruitment process. For instance, one member of staff is now actually based in Scotland, but the service remains seamless.

Deploying technology in finance and procurement

Our finance and procurement teams are using technology to radically improve the efficiency of our systems. We have embraced a system called Atamis which increases efficiency in procurement. This system helps with identifying savings, coordinating contract management, supplier engagement and managing the procurement process from start to finish.

PEPPOL is a new system whereby suppliers use the same software to enable end to end purchasing. This removes the need to process separate invoices sent into us as the supplier produces the invoices within PEPPOL itself. This has improved efficiency significantly within the purchasing and payment system.

The procurement team has also adopted and embraced the use of Microsoft power BI which is a piece of software available to us within the Microsoft 365 package. It allows the creation of custom dashboards, improves the presentation of information and allows us to improve our reporting and monitoring of performance.


Embedding No PO no pay

Our teams have worked hard to embed a culture of ensuring purchase orders are raised before goods and services are purchased and specifically before items are paid for. Adoption of this within NTW Solutions is high and within CNTW it is similarly growing. No PO no pay is a key tool in ensuring we can offer high quality of service and delivers efficient cost controls.

Achieving IOSHH accreditation in estates

A number of staff in NTW Solutions Estates Team have achieved the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) Managing Safely qualification delivered through training provider LK Health and Safety. The Managing Safely course is a three-day course that gives managers and supervisors the knowledge and skills they need to manage health and safety within their teams. The course consists of seven modules and is not only recognised within the United Kingdom but also internationally.

I placed my request with estates after 4pm and by early afternoon the following day my request was completed! Very impressed at such a quick turnaround.

Being a great and inclusive place to work

Investing in apprenticeships

We continue to support the use of apprenticeships across the company and these programmes are in place across a wide range of teams, from estates to finance. Within the lease car team, six of the nine staff members started their employment through the apprenticeship route. We have a high rate of success with our apprenticeships and many of them are given the opportunity to stay with us after their apprenticeship and continue in full time employment.

Supporting Project Choice

We are proud to support Project Choice which is a national project focused on supporting young adults aged between 16 and 24 who have learning difficulties, disabilities, and/or autism access employment. The materials management team have won an award for their work supporting young people on this programme and were praised in particular for the assistance that they give within the workplace.

The judges of the awards were so impressed with the work of the team that they asked them to deliver a short study presentation at the award ceremony, explaining how they have embedded the programme within their team. The programme has been a huge success with 100% of those taking part having graduated from the scheme and many finding full paid employment after they have finished. The materials management team are really passionate about this project and the difference it makes to people’s lives.

Staff wellbeing sessions

We’ve used our employee assistance provider PAM Assist to deliver sessions on wellbeing to our staff over this year. Some of these sessions were open to all staff and included ‘coping with uncertainty in changing times’ and ‘how to build resilience’. Other sessions were aimed directly at managers and they included training on having supportive conversations with team members and mental health awareness.

Improving our terms and conditions

We have undertaken work this this year to improve our terms and conditions. This directly follows feedback from staff forums and our staff survey. We have increased the amount of holiday entitlement people have who worked for us for 10 years or more and brought in a system where people can buy additional annual leave, which has proved to be very popular. We have also increased or introduced enhancements for staff working overnight and at weekends and following feedback extended this to bank staff as well.

Supporting people through the menopause

Menopause is a huge issue within the workplace which has been ignored for too long. We have a majority female workforce so our staff are more affected by this issue than other employers. We have a duty to support our staff and we have introduced a pioneering menopause protocol which supports people going through the menopause in the workplace. It outlines the adjustments we can make to help support staff better and provides steps that managers can take to help their staff. Alongside this protocol we invited northeast based, but nationally famous, Miss Menopause into NTW Solutions. She delivered training and awareness sessions for staff on both Microsoft Teams and in person. These sessions deepened people’s understanding of the menopause and what can be done to support people that are going through it or who are affected by it.

Reasonable adjustment passport

We have launched a reasonable adjustment passport which allows staff to request reasonable adjustments in the workplace for various situations. This could include changes to start and finish times to fit around caring responsibilities or any other reason which allows them to continue to fulfil their role with us whilst also balancing any issues they may face in their own lives. This scheme is in addition to our system which we have in place to request formal changes to flexible working patterns.

Supporting financial wellbeing

We know that our staff, like many people around the country, are struggling with the cost of living crisis and we have done everything we can to support them at this difficult time. Staff received a significant pay rise last year and we continue to be a Living Wage employer, meaning some staff received an additional increase in their wage in conjunction with the previously agreed pay rise. The Living Wage is calculated independently to ensure people receive a good rate of pay.

We have also done a great deal of work to provide information to our staff about the financial support that is available. This includes a special section on the intranet as well as information in the monthly team brief. We share a wide range of information, from the support that we offer directly, to other schemes and avenues for guidance. For example, we have our own in-house staff savings scheme which allows people to save money directly from their monthly salary. This is promoted alongside information about NHS discounts and other financial support available, whether it being government programmes or other places people can get financial advice.

Lease car model benefits staff

As a result of reduced mileage driven during the pandemic, the lease car team has returned over half a million pounds to staff at CNTW and NTW Solutions. This money will undoubtedly have helped our staff at a time when we know people are under financial pressure and provides an additional attractive benefit to working for us. We know that other lease car providers have not returned this money to their customers in the same way.

Value meal of the day

We have introduced a value meal of the day in all our cafés each lunchtime. The meals are very competitively priced and are designed to help support staff during the current financial climate, when money is tight for many and inflation is high.

Equity, diversity and inclusion

We have a programme of events and activities which take place throughout the year to celebrate and mark our work to develop equity, diversity, and inclusion. This includes a fantastic event which was arranged by our Cultural Diversity Network celebrating Black History Month. We also changed our branding on social media to reflect Pride Month, Black History Month, and Disability History Month. We mark a range of cultural and religious events throughout the year to highlight the importance we place on celebrating diversity. There is so much more we can do in this area and hope to develop our work in the future.

I was lucky enough to attend the black history month with some of my co-workers, and we all found this to be very eye opening, was a great couple of hours and well worth the time

Our Staff Awards

Below are the individuals and teams from across NTW Solutions nominated in the CNTW Staff Awards. We send huge congratulations to all nominees.

Our Nominees- Individual Categories

Rising Star Nominee
Jordan Carrielies

Jordan worked with Project Choice to gain his role as an apprentice porter. Despite starting his role in challenging circumstances during the pandemic, this never dulled Jordan’s passion and pride in his job. Colleagues say his infectious enthusiasm and positive attitude brightens their day. One colleague said: “He always has a big smile on his face and a kind word to say, he reminds you that life is beautiful.”

Behind the Scenes Nominee
Elaine Barkley

Colleagues say they would be lost without Elaine and her knowledge of facilities. She’s always there to support her team. If anyone is ever unsure on something, the answer is always ‘let’s ask Elaine’. No matter what is asked of her, she deals with it efficiently and effectively with a smile on her face. Nothing is too much trouble for Elaine. She has been described as a breath of fresh air and a huge asset to NTW Solutions.

Behind the Scenes Nominee
Deborah Blackburn

There have been huge changes since Deborah took over as catering manager for the café at Northgate Hospital.  Deborah is always willing to help and happy to make bespoke food for people with dietary requirements. Patients have said they find the café to be a relaxing environment and don’t feel like it’s an extension of being in hospital. Pleasant and approachable, colleagues say Deborah’s impact on the café and the catering team is clear to see.

Behind the Scenes Nominee
Obatarhe Ogedegbe

Obatarhe started as a workforce assistant and soon became an integral part of NTW Solutions. Her passion for equality, diversity and inclusion is infectious and she soon became a champion for culturally diverse staff. She never gives up and always strives to provide the best support for staff. One colleague said: “Obatarhe is a pleasure to work with in so many different ways, she comes into work every day and makes a difference to our staff.”

Behind the Scenes Nominee
Linda Smith

Linda works as a domestic at Northgate and is an integral part of the team. Always approachable and willing to do her best to help, Linda is a dedicated member of staff. The ward say she never stops and always goes above and beyond her duties. One team member said: “She would deserve an award so much. We want Linda to know how much we appreciate all of her hard work.” She has been described by others as a hard grafter and fabulous colleague.

Our Nominees- Group Categories

Behind the Scenes Team Nominees

Café Andrew Northgate Hospital

Staff have commented on the café’s friendly atmosphere and that is down to the hard work and dedication of the team. Thanks to their approachable manner, the team have managed to form strong bonds with both staff and patients. Nothing is too much trouble for the team and staff say you get a real sense they enjoy working in the café. Changes have been made based on what staff and patients like to eat and the café is busier than ever before. People say they always feel welcome going to Café Andrew, which is testament to the team.

Behind the Scenes Team Nominees

Facilities Management Team- Central Sector

The facilities team have recently undergone a substantial restructure, which has resulted in improved management support available across sites. Their work is done with enthusiasm, whilst always remaining patient-focused. The team encourages contribution and staff have said they feel comfortable suggesting new ideas. They communicate well and are working on numerous improvements in how we support patients, staff and visitors. One colleague said: “I would like to express my gratitude for the team’s continued enthusiasm towards making important changes to our services. Their positive and caring approach helps to encourage further positivity throughout the whole team.”

Behind the Scenes Team Nominees

Estates Team Northgate, St Nicholas Hospital & Hopewood Park

The Estates Department are dedicated to ensuring all staff and service users have a safe environment in which to work, live and visit. They often face difficult situations, for example the team had to deal with damaged properties during storms last year. The pandemic also proved to be a challenge for the team, yet their commitment never wavered. They work hard to deliver the best they can in a wide variety of circumstances. Often their work can go unnoticed. One colleague said the team need to be reminded how much they are valued by NTW Solutions and the Trust as a whole.

Behind the Scenes Team Nominees

Reception St George’s Park

No matter how stressed or busy they are, the receptionists at St George’s Park always welcome people in a polite and friendly way. There are many times where they have had to witness a patient in a state of distress and have had to manage the situation until ward staff arrive. They do so calmly and with compassion. It’s not unusual for staff to come to reception and see the receptionists chatting with a patient about the news or the weather. They are the first faces anyone will see when coming into St George’s Park and nothing is too much trouble for them. Staff say the reception team always go the extra mile when it comes to helping staff, service users and visitors, an example to everyone.

And the Winners were..

Deborah Blackburn

Estates Team


A Message from the Managing Director and The Chair

The Chair's Message

This is my first review as Chair and I am delighted to be a part of this important update from the company. It contains lots of positive news, all of which has been achieved in the face of real challenges many organisations are facing.

A key role of the board is to look at the bigger picture and that can at times be quite a daunting task. This past year saw the tail end of covid lockdowns in China affecting our supply chains, we saw the war in Ukraine send inflation spiralling, which then put financial pressures on all our staff as well as the company.

It’s hard to remember a time when we have faced so many headwinds and I have a long memory of lots of challenges we have faced over my six decades in the NHS. It makes our achievements all the more impressive and I am proud that as a company we continue to deliver our services in line with our values.

A big part of success is down to having the right people, and we saw Tracey Sopp appointed as our Managing Director and I know Tracey will do her utmost to ensure the ongoing success of the company into the future. I have worked with Tracey for many years, and I know the company is in very good hands.

I am proud to be Chair of NTW Solutions board and I am proud of the achievements outlined in this review and the talented teams of people who make it all possible. It makes me confident that the company has a bright future ahead.

Malcolm Aiston

Chair of NTW Solutions Board

Managing Director's Update

This is my first annual review as Managing Director and it is a great opportunity to look at what we have achieved over the past year. 

Through the year we naturally focus our time on problems and issues that come up day to day and think about how we can improve. Sometimes that means we can lose sight of the progress we make and some of the huge projects and changes we have delivered. That makes this review important for us as we reflect and celebrate our achievements.

I was thrilled to get this job after being with the company since it started, and it is an honour to become Managing Director. We have a really strong track record of achievement and I am confident about our future. I have taken over at a time where we face a number of challenges. Due to having a great team with brilliant people right across the company who provide services to be proud of I am confident we are well placed to take those challenges head on.

This year we have taken some time to refresh how we work and to focus more on our strategy to make sure we are delivering against it. Our Leadership Team meetings are now structured around the key priorities of our strategy and this report is structured around them too. Given the challenges we have and the external pressures we face, it’s more important than ever to keep our strategy at the front of our minds to keep us moving forward in the right direction.

I want to thank each and every one of our staff, our stakeholders, and our partners for the important part they play in our success and I hope you enjoyed reading this report.

Tracey Sopp

Managing Director

Thank you for reading!