Bank Staff Handbook


It is a pleasure to welcome you to NTW Solutions Ltd as a bank worker. We are pleased to have you as part of the team and look forward to working together.   

Who are NTW Solutions?

NTW Solutions Limited is proud to provide services to the NHS. We keep hospitals clean and patients fed and we keep buildings running and grounds tidy. Our pharmacy team ensures patients get the medicine they need, and our workforce team recruits people onto the frontline. We transcribe thousands of important medical letters, provide a lease car service to keep people on the move, and ensure suppliers are paid on time.

We are dedicated to being a great inclusive place to work. We provide a wide range of benefits including a good rate of pay and pension and an extensive range of discounts. We care about health and wellbeing and offer a range of support for the people who work here.

We believe everyone has potential and welcome applications from people from a culturally diverse background, those who are LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, anyone who is unemployed or has been out of work for a period of time, or those who have served in our armed forces.

We were set up by Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust to provide support services. As a limited company we have built a commercial ethos onto our NHS values and now provide our services to other NHS organisations and beyond.

We make a difference to people’s lives and working here is fulfilling and rewarding. Our social purpose is also driving our plans to become net zero and to tackle discrimination and champion equality. Working here means joining a friendly bunch of people dedicated to supporting better care.

Bank Work with NTW Solutions

This handbook is to ensure a model of management for the use of bank workers within NTW Solutions Ltd.

Bank work offers one of the most flexible ways to work within NTW solutions. We recruit a high quality temporary bank of workers to the NTW Solutions register. Workers may be deployed on an ad hoc or flexible basis, across a variety of services in a wide range of specialities. It is a means by which staff are able to maintain a degree of flexibility with regard to the work they choose to undertake.

The agreement between a bank worker and NTW Solutions does not constitute a contract of employment and does not confer any employment rights on the bank worker, other than those to which they are entitled, i.e. does not constitute a contract of employment within the meaning of the Employment Rights Act 1996. 

Accordingly, there is no mutuality of obligation between the bank worker and NTW Solutions. There is no obligation on NTW Solutions to offer the bank worker work once the bank worker has registered, and they have the right to refuse any work offered to them.

Each offer of assignment which the bank worker accepts shall be treated as an entirely separate and severable assignment.  The fact that the bank worker may have been offered an assignment more than once does not confer any legal rights on the bank worker and should not be regarded as establishing a right to work or continuity of employment. There shall be no relationship between the parties after the end of one assignment and commencement of any further assignment.

This Bank Handbook contains all the guidelines specific to Bank Work

There are lots of other policies and protocols in our Staff Handbook that apply to you as Bank workers too, however there are also some differences. This Bank Handbook will be your guide to all the policies and protocols specific to your rights as Bank workers. We will also link to the policies and protocols in the Staff Handbook that are applicable to all of our staff whether they work Bank or have a substantive post. 

The Staff Handbook is only available on our staff intranet, so you’ll need to use a Trust device or add your personal device to our systems to access it. We’ve set up this Bank Handbook on our website so you can access it more easily from home.

Important Contacts

Your Bank Manager contact details are: 

Bev Nelson (Facilities Officer):

James Harvey (Facilities Bank Supervisor):

The Workforce Team

You can contact the Workforce team if you need HR advice that you cannot find in the Bank or Staff Handbook. Their email address is:

Section One: Working Time

The European Working Time Directive

Workers are required to comply with the European Working Time Directive. The requirements are as follows:

  • Every shift exceeding 6 hours must include at least 20 mins unpaid break.
  • Breaks cannot be taken at the start of the end of the shift and must be taken as rest time during the shift
  • You cannot work more than 48 hours per week over a 17 week reference period
  • NTW Solutions does not support opting out of the eWTD to ensure the health and safety of workers and service users.
  • eWTD mandates a minimum 11 hours rest break between each shift and a rest break of at least 24 hours in any rolling 7 day period. There are exceptional circumstances when this may not apply i.e. to ensure the continuation of a health service

Annual Leave

Your pro rata holiday is 5.6 weeks paid annual leave per annum including bank holidays.  Payment for this is calculated on days worked and paid quarterly in February, May, August and November.

NTW Solutions is committed to ensuring the good health and wellbeing of its bank workers and therefore to ensure individuals have the opportunity to have appropriate rest and recuperation, we expect that our bank workers take at least a two week break from taking up bank assignments within NTW Solutions every 6 months.

Section Two: Training and Support

Introductory Shift

Upon joining the NTW Solutions register you will be asked to complete an introductory shift.  Confirmation of completion of this shift will be returned to the NTW Solutions Workforce Team. You will not be allocated any further work until confirmation of the introductory shift is received.

Local Induction

When you work in an area for the first time, workers are required to complete a local induction. This checklist is to be completed and signed, then must be returned to the NTW Solutions workforce  Team.

You are expected to familiarise yourself with NTW Solutions Policies and Procedures which are available on the Intranet and adhere to them at all times. 

Statutory and Mandatory Training

Statutory and essential training is important in order to maintain safe and high quality services meeting the needs of our service users, and as such we must ensure that all staff are appropriately trained to carry out the duties requested of them.

Workers will be advised in writing of their specific requirements, they will also have access to their training dashboard (via the intranet) to ensure they are kept up to date. Workers are required to ensure they have completed the NTW Solutions statutory and essential training requirements commensurate to their role.

The Manager reserves the right to prevent you undertaking duties at any time. Failure to complete the required training may lead to deregistration from the NTW Solutions Bank Register.

Self-Assessment Appraisal

All Bank Workers will be expected to reflect on their performance in the form of a self-assessment appraisal. This should be conducted each year and submitted to the NTW Solutions Workforce Team for review. Where requested, the NTW Solutions Workforce Team will organise time with individuals to discuss and review the content of their self-assessment.

Section Three: Conduct and Performance


All workers are required to have the required competency level to work in their job role as demonstrated by their annual self-assessment. Any performance concerns about an individual member of the Bank should be reported to NTW Solutions Workforce Team Lead for further investigation. Where a concern is raised, where appropriate, the member of staff in charge of the area will address any incident or complaint at the point of the occurrence. They are then required to complete and submit the Conduct and Performance Review form and send it to the NTW Solutions Workforce Team

A member of the  NTW Solutions Workforce Team, accompanied by a designated Workforce representative, will then request a meeting to discuss concerns. Workers will be prevented from booking any further shifts until the meeting has been held. The outcome of this meeting could be:

  • Explanation accepted and no further action.  Shifts offered.
  • Continue on the Bank.
  • Removal from the Bank Register.

Please note that when discussing performance concerns, appropriate consideration is given to any underlying health conditions which may be impacting on the workers ability to undertake the duties associated with their role. Advice will be sought from NTW Solutions Workforce Team and Occupational Health, where appropriate.

For all temporary workers who also hold a substantive post within NTW Solutions or the Trust, their performance will be managed in line with the NTW Solutions Performance Management Policy.


Where a concern is raised, where appropriate, the member of staff in charge of the area will address any incident or complaint at the point of the occurrence and complete the Conduct and Performance Review form. If it is related to Safeguarding, the responsible manager must ensure a Safeguarding referral is made. If it is related to Counter Fraud, the responsible manager must ensure a Counter Fraud referral is made before any further action is considered.

In these cases, no further action can take place until the referral is complete. If the incident is related to Safeguarding, the worker will be prevented from booking any further shifts at the point that the incident is raised, and Safeguarding will advise what action should be taken. They will notify other relevant parties, (Police/LADO/Children’s Services who may carry out their own internal processes first).  If the incident is related to Counter Fraud, they will advise what action should be taken with the Bank worker and whether notification is required to other relevant parties, i.e. Police.

The Process

The service will then undertake a local investigation and an investigating officer will be appointed.  The worker will be required to participate. A TU representative or colleague can attend any investigatory meetings to provide support.  Bank workers may be prevented from booking any further shifts until the investigation has been completed. This is to maintain patient safety until the issue can be appropriately resolved.

The investigating officer will provide a report of the facts of the incident. This will be presented to the NTW Solutions Workforce Team Lead. Accompanied by the designated Workforce representative, they will then arrange to meet with the worker to discuss the incident and potential outcomes following the investigation. The outcome of the meeting could be:

  • Explanation accepted and no further action.  Shifts offered.
  • Continue on the Bank (with warning/restrictions/retraining etc, including a 12 month monitoring period).
  • Removal from the Bank Register.


Where the company has reasonable grounds to believe that a worker’s completion of a placement may compromise the safety or integrity of the organisation or following an allegation relating to the conduct of a temporary worker that is deemed by NTW Solutions to be serious enough to be incompatible with continuation of the placement, NTW Solutions may exclude the temporary worker from the premises (“exclusion”).

For all temporary workers who also hold a substantive post within the NTW Solutions or the Trust, their conduct will be managed in line with NTW Solutions Disciplinary Policy NTW(HR)04. You can find this policy on the Staff Handbook on the intranet. 

Section Four: Sickness Absence

Sickness Absence

In cases of sickness absence, workers are required to notify the department that they are due to work on as well as the PAM DAYONE Service on 0330 660 0365 as far in advance as possible prior to the commencement of the period of duty. Where a worker fails to give appropriate notice or inform both departments, then deregistration may be considered in line with the Short Notice Cancellations and DNA procedure outlined in Section 6.

Bank workers are paid only for the hours worked whilst on shift.

If you have restrictions in place regarding your ability to carry out PMVA (Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression), or are unable to lift/carry or undertake moving and handling, or have any other work restriction, then it is your duty and responsibility to notify the NTW Solutions Workforce Team of this immediately and you should not undertake any Bank shifts. 

Workers are not entitled to Occupational Sick Pay (OSP), however, in some cases, where the statutory requirements are met, payment of Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) may be paid, this is up to 28 weeks’ maximum. This will be calculated by payroll.

Section Five: Pay and Expectations

Rates of Pay

Bank workers will be paid in line with NTW Solutions Bank Worker’s Remuneration Framework. 

Upon your local induction you will be introduced to a timesheet, which you will be shown how to fill in to record the dates and times you have worked. Once completed, your timesheets must be handed in at the end of the month, to the appropriate member of staff at your designated workplace where the shifts have been conducted.

All bank staff are paid in arrears monthly on the 28th of the month or the earlier date if this falls on a weekend or bank holiday.

We will pay 25% enhancement, time and a quarter, on hours worked during a Saturday and Sunday.

Hours worked on a Bank Holiday are paid double time.

Payslips will be generated electronically and accessed via computers on site using your smartcard or via the remote access portal to ESR self-service.

Any unpaid duties or pay discrepancies should be brought to the attention of the NTW Solutions Bank Team within 3 months of the shift being worked. Shifts outside this timeframe will only be reviewed for pay file submission in exceptional circumstances.

We are also a Real Living Wage employer! 

Hours of Work

Bank workers have no contractual right to regular hours. NTW Solutions is not obligated to provide regular working hours, and the worker is not obligated to undertake a required number of hours.

Minimum Expectations

Workers who do not undertake any bank work within a 12 week period will be automatically deregistered. NTW Solutions Workforce Team will write out stating their intent to remove workers from the register and request a response within 14 days. If a request is not made within this time frame, or at all, NTW Solutions will remove the worker’s name with immediate effect.


As part of our new joiner process, all new employees are put into NEST from their start date, as this is our default scheme.  However, if you were employed in another NHS organisation in the last 12 months you might be eligible to enrol in the NHS pension scheme. Please email Workforce for more information.

For members of the NEST pension you can access information on the pension scheme here and log in to your online account here.

If you are in an NHS pension, you can find guidance and information on your pension on the NHSBSA website here. 


Maternity/Paternity/Adoption Leave

Workers must ensure that they notify NTW Solutions of their pregnancy as soon as reasonably possible to ensure an adequate pregnancy risk assessment is carried out.

  • Maternity/Adoption Pay: If the worker intends to apply for maternity/adoption payment, an application must be made at least 15 weeks before the date of confinement. Workers are not entitled to receive Occupational Maternity Pay (OMP) however, in some cases, where the statutory requirements are met, payment of Statutory Maternity Pay or (SMP) or Maternity Allowance may be paid. This will be calculated by payroll. 
  • Paternity Pay: Statutory Paternity Pay (SPP) is payable if the qualifying conditions are met, this will be calculated by payroll. 
To access the forms to apply for Maternity/ Adoption/ Paternity Leave you’ll need to access the policies on our intranet. Use your Trust device, or if you have access on your phone, follow the link to the intranet here.

Travel Expenses

Bank workers are not entitled to claim expenses for travelling to work. If NTW Solutions requires you to move during your shift, you will be reimbursed or payment will be paid by NTW Solutions at the time of the move. In exceptional circumstances (i.e. Christmas), NTW Solutions may pay travel to and from the designated work site.

Disclosure and Barring Checks (DBS)

In roles that require workers to undertake regulated activity, they are required to sign up to the Disclosure and Barring Service Update Service, If you are formally cautioned, arrested on any charge or served with a summons or a criminal charge, caution or reprimand, you must inform the NTW Solutions Workforce Team immediately.  Failure to declare relevant information may lead to deregistration from the register.


All workers must wear an NTW Solutions identification badge at all times whilst on duty.

All new members of staff will be provided with two uniforms. If staff require additional uniforms, they should contact the NTW Solutions Workforce Team for authorisation.

For any damaged uniforms or those that no longer fit, you must return your original uniforms prior to a new uniform being issued.

All workers must comply with the NTW Solutions Uniform and Dress Code Policy NTW(O)10, which can be found on the Staff Handbook on the intranet.

Section Six: Booking Temporary Workers, Allocation and Managing Cancellations

Shift Allocation

Workers are required to provide short term cover as and when necessary.  To meet service needs and maintain patient safety, there may be occasions where it may be necessary to transfer a worker to work in another department or ward.  This is considered to be a reasonable management request.

Failure to adhere to a reasonable management request will be managed in line with the Conduct procedure as set out in this handbook.

DNA's/ Short Notice Cancellations

The NTW Solutions Bank Team provide an essential service to maintain high standards of care within NTW Solutions. The impact of DNA’s and short notice cancellations have a direct impact upon continuation of services and patient safety.

Cancellation of shifts requires a minimum of 24 hours’ notice.

Cancellation of shifts by workers will be recorded and monitored by the NTW Solutions Workforce Team. Where it is identified that a worker has cancelled or failed to attend three shifts or more over a three month rolling period at short notice (within 24 hours), then a meeting will be arranged with the  a member of the Workforce team  and a designated Workforce staff member.

The outcome of this meeting could be:

  • Continuation on the bank and monitored for 12 months
  • Deregistration

Section Seven: Termination and Re-enagement


If you wish your name to be removed from the NTW Solutions Bank register you should inform the NTW Solutions Workforce Team as soon as possible.

Failure to meet minimum expectations: NTW Solutions may remove your name from its register if you have not provided bank service to the service for a consecutive 3 month period

Failure to adhere to the guidance as set out in this document may lead to deregistration.


Workers are required to take a break in service of 14 consecutive days every 26 weeks (rolling basis). NTW Solutions will send communication to you to remind you of this this every 12 months. Where workers fail to take a 14 day break, NTW Solutions may prevent you from booking shifts to satisfy the requirement as set out here.

Section Eight: Other Resources and Protocols for all staff members

Support for Staff | PAM Assist

Bank Staff have access to our Employee Assistance programme PAM Assist.

PAM Assist is staffed by experienced and professional advisors, there to answer your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Through PAM Assist, you have access to clinical and professional expertise, giving you a chance to talk about all kinds of work and personal issues that are affecting you.

These might include:

  • Relationships
  • Bereavement
  • Pregnancy
  • Infertility
  • Abuse
  • Anxiety
  • Discrimination
  • Money Management
  • Legal Problems
  • Housing
  • Drug / Alcohol Abuse
  • Long term illness
  • Accident & Injury
  • Post natal depression
  • At Work
  • Growing Older

The service is totally confidential and the company never finds out you have called so you can feel free to use the service.

If you need any help or support you can access PAM Assist anytime by calling for free 24 hours a day on 0800 882 4102

​​​​​​​To access your personal account go to and click where it says ‘Activate your ORG code here’ and enter ‘Solutions’ as the code. You can then register for an account with your work email. You create your own password so even though it is your work email everything is confidential to you. You can then either download the app or continue on your internet browser.


Reasonable Adjustments

We have a Reasonable Adjustment Passport for staff who may need slight adjustments in their work life to support them in their role. The passport can be used by staff members who have a sensory, physical, or cognitive disability or mental health condition as well as those staff members who do not have a disability but might require some adjustments at work.

We understand this can be a sensitive subject. Your information will be treated with the appropriate confidentiality. The passport is a voluntary tool to assist with structured conversations with your line manager about a particular need. You only need to fill in the sections that are relevant to you. The passport is your information to own. A copy will only be shared with a manager with your permission. However, if you have a disability, your electronic staff record will state that you have a reasonable adjustment passport but not the detail of that passport.

For any queries you may have about the Staff Reasonable Adjustment Passport please contact NTW Solutions workforce team by email

Other Resources, Policies and Protocols

All of the information above is specific for our Bank workers. Being on the Bank does mean you have different guidance and protocols to follow in certain situations, so if you’re unsure on something, this is the first place you should look and the guidance you need to follow.

However, there are other policies and protocols available on the staff intranet that apply to all of our staff, whether on substantive contracts or on the Bank. We’ve added links to a few of the sections you might be interested in below.

Much of this information will also be covered in your induction. 

Please note you need to be using a Trust device, or add your personal device to our systems, in order to access the Staff Handbook. You can use your iPad or ask your Bank manager if you can access a Trust desktop or laptop.


Most of our sites have cafe’s and shops where you can buy food and snacks! 

Find your café information here

Car parking and Charging

Parking on site is free for staff but you need to be registered on our system. We also have electric vehicle charging points on most of our sites.

Find out more here

Cultural Diversity Network

The Cultural Diversity Network is a place where staff can come together, to share their experiences, express their concerns and support each other.

Read more here

Electronic Staff Record (ESR)

On ESR you can download payslips, P60’s, P45’s, change your personal details as well as complete your mandatory training. Some training will need to be completed before your first shift, and others may need refreshed annually, as shared in Section 2. 

If you need help using ESR, find guides on the Staff Handbook here

You can access ESR on any device with internet here:

Email Etiquette

You have to be careful to be appropriate when sending emails to colleagues and especially when using your NTW Solutions email address.

Read about Email Etiquette here 

Information Governance

Protecting information is an important part of every single person’s job at NTW Solutions, and you should maintain confidentiality at all times. 

Read more here 

LGBTQ+ Network

We have a LGBTQ+ Staff Network where the community can come together to share and support each other. 

Find out more here

Social Media Policy

In these modern times, it’s important to be mindful that staff using social media should be mindful that inappropriate use could damage their own reputation and that of the company. 

All employees have a personal responsibility for their own behaviour and are required to ensure that their conduct is in accordance with the standards set out in the protocol.

Read the protocol here

Thank you for reading!

Remember, this is your guide to working for the Bank with NTW Solutions. If you’re unsure of anything, this is the first place to check.

Please feel free to use the Staff Handbook on the intranet for other resources, and information, but please remember that not all of the information or policies will relate to your employment situation.

If in doubt, always check the Bank Handbook!

Still unsure? Email us!

If you’re unsure of anything, please get in touch with the Bank Manager or Assistant Bank Manager in the first instance.

You can also contact the Workforce team using the link below

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