Benefits of working at NTW Solutions

We think we have a lot to shout about when it comes to how great it is to work here, the jobs we have are varied and interesting and on top of that we go out of our way to provide a range of staff benefits, why not read on and decide for yourself?

Good rates of pay

We are proud to be a Living Wage employer because we believe that people should get a good rate of pay for what they do. The Living Wage is worked out independently and is set at a level which meets everyday needs – like the weekly shop, or a surprise trip to the dentist.

Good pension

We enrol new starters into the Nest Pension which was set up by the government and you will contribute from your wages but we will also add money into it on your behalf.

Good holiday entitlements

We offer a good holiday entitlement and unlike some places where they include bank holidays in their total you get bank holidays on top of your leave allowance. On top of your leave we have a scheme where people can also buy extra days.

We’re a canny place to work

You spend a lot of your time working and we believe in being a great and inclusive place to work. We’re a canny bunch of people and we like to think it’s a canny place to work.

What we do makes a difference

We are part of the NHS family and that means that everything we do supports better care. We all make a difference to the lives of people getting NHS care. Some of our staff interact with patients every day and we know they make a real difference to their lives.

We believe in equity, diversity and inclusion

We believe everyone has potential and welcome applications from people from a culturally diverse background, those who are LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, anyone who is unemployed or has been out of work for a period of time, or those who have served in our armed forces.

Flexible from day one

We know people’s lives are complicated and we offer the option to request flexible working from day one. Of course we need to keep services running but we will always do what we can to make sure we allow people to work flexibly where we can.

Employee Assistance Programme

We have a great employee assistance programme that can help you with any problems you might be having with your health and wellbeing, whether work related or not. You can access online help, speak to a councillor, alongside a whole range of other help around anything from debt advice to video workouts.

Occupational Health

We believe that occupational health should be there to support our staff and we use the full range of support available including physio appointments.

Lease Car Scheme

Staff have access to a lease car scheme which means they pay for their car through their salary which is a cost effective way of having a car, with your insurance and servicing costs all included.

NHS Discounts

Our staff have access to NHS discounts, which has some of the most wide ranging discounts of any scheme in the country. Staff are also able to buy the Blue Light Card which gives you access to even more. Discounts change but often include money off at supermarkets which can make a real difference to your bank balance.

Free parking

We provide free parking on all our sites for our staff as we know that makes a big difference and the cost of parking at work can mount up and can cost hundreds of pounds.

Travel passes

If driving isn’t your thing you can buy annual travel passes for the Metro and bus services through payroll. Not only are they cheaper than buying them direct you can pay monthly to spread the cost over the whole year.

Salary Sacrifice Scheme

We operate a salary sacrifice scheme so staff can by a huge range of items from TVs to games consoles all directly from their salary with the costs spread over a series of monthly payments.

Savings Scheme

We offer a savings scheme for staff and you can save money every month from January through until you get the money back in October, just in time for Christmas shopping, to pay for a dream holiday or just to have for a rainy day.

Community Banking

We have partnership with a local community bank to make sure everyone who works here has access to an ethical source of finance including savings and loans.

Reasonable Adjustment Passport

If for some reason you need reasonable adjustments put in place to help you do your job we will do what we can to make sure these are in place. We have a passport which sets out your needs and follows you if and when you move roles.

Menopause support

We support people who are experiencing the menopause with practical steps such as the ability to change temperature in workplaces or the provision of fans or allowing for temporary changes to working arrangements.

Staff Forums

All our staff are members of our Staff Forum and you can come along and speak directly with our Managing Director, hearing about how the company works and asking any questions you might have.

Staff Networks

We have a range of staff networks that people can join to support you being comfortable in the workplace and to help make us a great and inclusive employer. These networks include groups for people from a culturally diverse background and those who identify as LGBTQ+.

Training and Development

We believe in people having the chance to develop at work and support people with training and development to keep skills up to date and even develop new ones.