NTW Cars

Tailor made Lease car solutions for your business

Our aim is simple, to provide a class leading service whilst generating income and savings for employers and the most competitive and comprehensive package for your employees.

Benefits of NTW Solutions

Transport Solutions

We not only provide solutions for staff, we also provide fully managed transport solutions for your organisation, including: Pool Cars, Electric Vehicles, Patient Transport, Modified Vehicles, Daily, Short and Mid-term Hire. We guarantee to save you money with our free consultancy.

Employee Solutions

We will design a scheme that is fit for purpose for your organisation and your staff needs. We don’t just offer Salary Sacrifice, we can also provide Salary Deduction and various Personal funding methods to suit all requirements.

Financial Solutions

Whether you want your scheme to provide tight financial control and cost reduction or be used as a staff benefit and employment and retention tool we can design a scheme for you. By utilising the best frameworks within the Public Sector and negotiating with multiple finance providers we can obtain the lowest rentals, which we can pass directly to you or to your staff.

Online Solutions

Our online system will be tailored to your organisation and your policy. Our system is capable of handling 1000’s of live quotes per day using your scheme parameters. Authorisation is also online ensuring the fastest response and clear visibility.

Policy Solutions

We have a full suite of Transport related policies best on many years’ experience and best practice , they include; Duty of Care, Lease Car, Transport and environmental. All of which can be immediately available. We are happy to work with you and tailor these to your requirements.

Partnership Solutions

If you do not want to contract out completely, but would prefer a company to work alongside your existing service and offer support, technology and systems we are very happy to partner with you. Working together effectively and efficiently whatever your requirements.

Consultancy Solutions

We are happy to provide a free consultancy of your current arrangements and provide a business proposal to enhance and improve your situation. We guarantee savings and would be with you every step of the way through implementation.

Our Solutions

We are different because we understand. We understand the NHS and we understand the leasing and transport industry. Significant savings, income generation and commercial advantages are all lost by the NHS to their private sector providers. Let us help you bring those back.

We work with all major manufacturers


We bring a brand new concept to lease car schemes. Our scheme will be tailored to suit your business requirements, your employee’s happiness and our desire to deliver. This concept has been 25 years in the making and is based on best industry practice, innovation, passion and the latest technology.

We can manage your existing arrangements and integrate the new scheme side by side.  We offer a fully managed solution ensuring full peace of mind.

We are Different

NTW Solutions was born out of the NHS but created by our desire to deliver a service and a scheme NHS staff deserve. So many times we have encountered schemes that have been put into an organisation just to tick a box, without the management or the drivers really benefiting from or understanding what they have. This has played massively into the hands of large private sector companies that have happily made millions off the back of this.

Our Desire

We want you to have a scheme that works for you and your employees, one that returns all of the savings to you both, one that lets your drivers choose between salary sacrifice and salary deduction without effecting savings.

We want you to know how much you are saving, how much your carbon footprint has reduced by, we want to provide you with management information so you can make key decisions easily, we want to work with you to market the scheme effectively and appropriately to maximise take up.

We want drivers to benefit from multiple leasing company’s quoting for each and every quote in real time to ensure the quotes are the lowest out there. We want your drivers to have access to the car they desire without worrying about high insurance excess’s, restricted drivers and extortionate termination penalties.


What our customers say about us…

“In my role as Service/Clinical Lead for both the Regional Environmental Control Systems Service and the Regional Communication Aid Service, I have had recent involvement with the NTW Solutions Lease Vehicle Team. The remit of both departments is such that clinicians and support staff cover the 13 Clinical Commissioning Groups across the Northern region. Travel requirements are such that we heavily rely upon Lease/Pool vehicles.

Both departments have required replacement and additional provision of vehicles appropriate to the level of service provision and capability to transport not only the team of individuals but also required specialist equipment.

I must stress that all respective communications and resulting outcomes in general, with the team have been of the highest order. Solutions provided have been in an efficient, cost effective and very timely manner.

Without doubt, very impressive and very much appreciated. On behalf of both services, many thanks indeed”
Graeme Marsh
Clinical/Service Lead
"My existing lease car was up in May and I ordered a new car from NTW Solution’s, getting quotes was really easy and the process to getting the car approved and signed off was quick and painless! However due to the government tightening up on new car emissions the car I ordered was then not available to order. NTW Solutions kept me fully informed and made me aware of the options I had. I decided to order a different car only for the same thing to happen. The NTW Solutions team again couldn’t have been more helpful and I decided to stick with it and wait. I actually get my new car tomorrow. Great team, well done! "
Lease Car User
Cumbria, Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust
"I cannot praise NTW Solutions enough for their patience and professionalism. Unforeseen personal circumstances required an adjustment to my lease vehicle arrangements which the NTW Solutions team worked with me to resolve.

Their attention to detail has ensured that the small and at times complex matters have been addressed in a methodical and compassionate manner. My point of contact was a credit to the organisation and demonstrated nothing but excellence."

Lease Car User
Cumbria, Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust