Catering teams serving up success 

The Catering teams at Carleton Clinic are responsible for distributing patient meals as well as running the busy café as Tracey Sopp, our Managing Director, found out one recent visit to Cumbria. She even tried her hand at cooking some chips and serving some customers. 

The café is very popular at Carleton Clinic and provides a range of breakfast and lunch options, as well as 24-hour vending machines for staff working outside the opening hours. The fact the café is a large, bright, modern, and welcoming space means that people use it for a range of reasons, including people who are having meetings, those working while they have a coffee, as well as patients enjoying a drink or meal. 

Behind the scenes in the café is also the hub of the patient meal service for the hospital. With freshly made sandwiches prepared on site, as well as a range of hot meals, Tracey saw the extensive facilities, including preparation areas and the chillers. 

After a food hygiene briefing, Tracey was shown the ropes of the chip fryer and had a go at cooking some herself. She also helped out behind the counter, serving some customers, always under the watchful eye of the catering staff. 

Tracey heard how the staff work closely together and really feel like they are part of one team. 

The staff have a real passion for what they do and a pride in the café and the role it plays in the life of the hospital, as well as the vital role the patient meals play in supporting better care.