Celebrating British Pie Week

We are celebrating British Pie Week and the cafés on our main hos-pie-tal sites are serving up a range of delicious pies. There is the pie-fect option for everyone with a range from steak and ale to vegan chicken and mushroom. For those with a sweet tooth we also have apple pie and gluten free caramel apple pie.

British Pie Week celebrates the role pies have played in British culture, dating back to medieval times. Back then, pies were often made with a thick crust that was meant to be discarded, and was merely to protect the filling inside which was the real prize.

Over time, pies evolved to become more sophisticated, with thinner, flakier crusts and a wider variety of fillings. In the 16th century, pies were a common feature at royal banquets, with elaborate pastry designs and exotic ingredients like peacock and swan.

There’s nothing quite like a good pie so why not escape for a few minutes to one of our cafés and celebrate with us this week