Cleaning up at Carleton Clinic

Our Managing Director, Tracey Sopp, joined some of our hardworking Domestics when visiting Carleton Clinic to get a feel for their work. It was clear the Domestics are always busy with lots to do, with a clear sense of pride for getting the job done right.

When working on a ward the Domestics feel part of the team and they are always involved in things like special events and occasions and have a good working relationship with the clinical teams. Tracey heard how the Domestics have pride in their work, they like to see the job finished and that there is a sense of satisfaction that comes from cleaning a ward and the beneficial impact it has on service users.

The Domestics told Tracey they believe working alongside patients is the best part of the job, while it can be difficult to see people who are ill, it is always fantastic to see people getting better. It can be challenging to work in a patient environment but with every challenge comes potential reward.

Not only do our Domestics keep the wards sparkling, but they clean the public areas as well as offices and other spaces as well. Tracey had a go at hoovering the entrance area and was informed she could be passed for domestic duties in the future with a little more practice and an improvement in technique.