Cutting Single Use Plastics in our Cafés

A ban on single use plastics came into law recently and NTW Solutions was ahead of the curve due to the hard work and passion of our teams who had already worked to reduce single use items in our cafés. Items are now recyclable or compostable, and work is ongoing to further reduce plastic use wherever possible.
NTW Solutions operates eight cafés on key sites alongside clinical services provided by Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust (CNTW) and the cafés are enjoyed by staff, patients, visitors, and local people alike.
Our cafés serve tea and coffee from a local supplier, who is nationally recognised for quality – Ringtons and for those who want to sit and enjoy their hot drink in the café we provide modern and comfortable facilities. We offer a discount to customers who wish to bring their own reusable cup, and we also have reusable cups on sale for customers wanting to reduce their environmental impact.
We provide a breakfast and lunch menu and for customers who sit in the café to eat, we provide proper plates. For those who want to take away, there is a saving available for using your own food container, and we also have a small selection of reusable containers on sale.
The work to reduce single use plastics contributes to our Green Plan and our work to tackle the climate emergency.