Disability Confident Status Update – We are pleased to announce we are now a Disability Confident Employer

Disability Confident is a government scheme that helps employers attract, recruit and retain disabled staff. It provides advice and information to help organisations think differently about disability and how to make the workplace more accessible. The Disability Confident scheme has replaced the previous Guaranteed Interview scheme and Two Ticks scheme.

The company recognise that disabled people have the valuable skills and qualities our organisation needs and are committed to focus on accessing diverse talent as a core business activity.   We want to tap into skills and experience wherever they’re found and want to support everyone to give their best.

We are please to announce we are now a Disability Confident Employer and  we remain fully committed to:

  • Actively attracting and recruiting disabled people to help fill our opportunities.
  • Have a fully inclusive and accessible recruitment process.
  • Encourage positive action to encourage disabled people to apply for jobs and provide opportunities for them to demonstrate their skills, talent and abilities at interview stage.
  • Being flexible when assessing people to enable applicants to have the best opportunity to demonstrate they can do the job.
  • Proactively offering and making reasonable adjustments to ensure people are not disadvantaged when applying for and doing their jobs.
  • Encouraging our suppliers and partner firms to be Disability Confident.
  • Ensuring our employees have disability equality awareness.

Find out more about Disability Confident at www.gov.uk/disability-confident

I know that people with disabilities are reliable, productive employees who bring tangible benefits to the workplace. As an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity, NTW Solutions encourages all individuals, regardless of personal characteristics, to apply for positions at the company and I want you to know that where you need support to enable you to succeed in the workplace then I will make that commitment to provide it.

Paul McCabe – Disability Network Executive Champion