Don’t waste it – Warp It!

NTW Solutions hit major milestone with their furniture and equipment reallocation system.

Since implementing the surplus equipment reuse and management system, Warp It, back in October 2016 we’ve recently hit a huge milestone. Wrap It system managers Sarah Neil and Karen Russell said:

“We’re absolutely thrilled that we’ve reached the £100,000 savings mark and staff can give themselves a well-earned pat on the back for their great participation. Special thanks go to our portering teams who go the extra mile to make sure items find new homes and don’t end up in skips. Thanks also to our joinery staff who refurbish items ready for re-use”.

Warp It is designed to make it easy for staff within the NTW group to reallocate surplus items to other staff and departments. Furthermore, we’re looking to link up with local charities to donate items that can’t be used within the group. It’s all about saving time and money and being smarter with our resources.

So far on the system our 194 members have saved:

  • £104,000
  • 21 tonnes waste
  • 3 tonnes CO2

One member said:

“I have been able to use items from this site in order to replace and increase different areas on the ward without cost – all from Warp it! Thank you!

More information about the Warp It system can be found at the following link