Growing Our Tree Cover With the NHS Forest

NTW solutions has planted over 200 trees on some of our main sites over the past few weeks. This is part of our Green Plan to become carbon net zero and builds on the work we have done in the past to plant over 1000 trees. The trees are provided by the NHS Forest scheme which is a national programme to make the most of green sites across the NHS estate.

In 2021 we planted 1000 trees across some of our main sites and these trees have really started to establish themselves. The 220 new trees are a range of species and will expand the tree cover on our sites. The trees themselves of course capture carbon as they grow, but also can help to cool spaces as they create shade and potentially can reduce the impact of flooding.

The NHS Forest is an alliance of health sites working to transform their green space to realise its full potential for health, wellbeing and biodiversity, and to encourage engagement with nature. It is run by the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare, an independent UK charity, as part of its Green Space for Health programme.

The NHS Forest started life as a tree planting project in 2009. Since then, more than 360 healthcare sites across the UK have joined our alliance, and over 100,000 trees have been planted on or near to their estates.

We take great pride in our green spaces and maintain them to a very high standard for the enjoyment of staff, service users, and visitors alike. The work to deliver our Green Plan means we are also increasingly focused on other visitors to our sites and we have carried out biodiversity studies to see what wildlife and creatures are supported by our grounds. These trees and our other initiatives to increase biodiversity will help improve the richness off our estate and improve the benefits they provide to the environment.

We’re looking forward to watching these trees grow and establish themselves over the coming years.