Staff Help Hub

We never want to think about the times when things go wrong but when they do we want to make things as easy as possible for you.

If you are ill, your car has broken down, you sadly suffer a bereavement, or whatever the problem is the first thing to worry about is your wellbeing and safety.

But we do need to know if you’re not coming in because of the nature of our services. We know you might not have to hand the details of how to contact us or be able to get them off the intranet.

This page is available to all but particularly handy as it is all available on your mobile phone or tablet from wherever you are.

Letting us know you are not able to come to work

Please let us know as soon as you can by calling PAM DayOne on 0330 66 00 365

Getting help and support 

Our employee assistance programme gives you access to a whole range of clinical and professional expertise on a broad variety of topics that you probably never knew you could get help with.

These topics include debt advice, relationships, managing money, stress management, moving house, health advice, work issues, domestic abuse, drug/alcohol addiction, family care or bereavement.

To access the support available call PAM Assist on 0800 882 4102

Any other queries

If there is someone you need to contact for any other reason then switchboard is 0191 246 6800 or email