LGBT History Month at NTW Solutions

Our LGBTQ+ staff network have produced a video to help others be a good ally to LGBTQ+ people.

The video has five tips for being a good ally which are:

1. Ask questions respectfully. People may or may not be open to speaking about their personal life. If they don’t seem open to chatting, don’t push it

2. Avoid stereotyping. LGBTQ folks, like all people, rarely fit into boxes. Celebrate them for who they are

3. Don’t out your friends. It’s not your news to share. If someone asks you about a colleague’s orientation, suggest they ask the person directly

4. Don’t make assumptions. Your colleague’s orientation is possibly unrelated to their religious beliefs, political stance, or other beliefs. If you don’t know, ask

5. A kind word goes a long way. A progressive as today’s work culture may be, man LGBTQ community members still appreciate inclusion and love

Connor Gunning, from our LGBTQ+ Staff Network, said:

 “NTW Solutions is a great place to work but there is always more to do to make sure workplaces are inclusive.

 “We know that people want to support and help their LGBTQ+ workmates but they aren’t always sure how.

 “This video will hopefully help people and make them more confident in having discussions with people they work with.”

 Tracey Sopp, Deputy Managing Director and Senior Team champion for the  LGBTQ+ Staff Network, said:

 “This video is great and am really pleased the staff network have put it together.

 “We really want an open workplace and we don’t want people to feel like they can’t speak to other people about who they are.

 “This video gives people confidence when chatting to people they work with and helps people be supportive of each other.”