Malcolm Aiston steps down as Managing Director

This week is Malcolm Aiston’s last week as Managing Director of NTW Solutions. Malcolm, who has worked in the NHS for 44 years, will now take up the role of interim chair of the NTW Solutions company board.

Malcolm has dedicated his career to the NHS after starting as an apprentice in 1978. As a Chartered Engineer he has been leading facilities and estates services for many years. He led the establishment of NTW Solutions and the transfer of services and has been Managing Director since the company was formed. He has taken on various national roles within the NHS including serving on the NHS National Capital Procurement Programme.

In a message sent to NTW Solutions staff Malcolm said:

“It really has been an honour to work with you all and I am proud of what we have achieved. That is mostly down to you, our fantastic staff, who work day in day out providing a high quality service.

“We have been through an awful lot since the company started five years ago, not least the covid pandemic, and we really have been tested. But we came through that test by working together. There are an awful lot of challenges ahead and we will face those challenges too by working together.

“The company is in great hands with Tracey as interim Managing Director and many of you will know her as our current Deputy Managing Director. I know you will give her all the support she needs in the future.”

Tracey Sopp will take up the role of Interim Managing Director from Monday 1st August.