Managing Director Visits Estates Team

When you turn a tap on you expect water to come out of it but our Managing Director, Tracey Sopp, received an insight into just what happens behind the scenes to make that happen. She visited the Estates Team at Hopewood Park Hospital as part of a range of service visits which take place across the company.

Tracey joined Janet, one of the mechanical engineering operatives within the Estates team as she carried out checks and routine preventative maintenance. Tracey also met Stephen, a gardener at Hopewood Park and heard about the improvements being made to the grounds and gardens. She heard about the range of work the teams carry out which are by there very nature often unseen by patients, staff and visitors.

One of the things that people on site will definitely notice are the improvements being made to the grounds and gardens where over 2,000 shrubs have been planted. Carefully chosen to provide colour and interest as well as for their scent and different textures, where people are welcome to touch and feel the plants. They are also aiding biodiversity with many plants being attractive to pollinators such as bees. Improved grounds and gardens can lift patients, staff and visitors alike as we respond to the natural environment and they play their part in supporting better care.

Tracey saw the work that goes on to keep the hospital running, and even just what it takes to keep water flowing, that is safe and the right temperature. She joined Janet on a routine inspection of one of the service walkways which are above all patient areas to allow maintenance work to be carried out without affecting the clinical services below. Where at home your toilet cistern is on the wall behind your toilet in patient areas they are on the next floor up, as well as the shower units, along with the thermostatic mixing valves to prevent scalding for the sink taps. This allows for regular inspection and maintenance with easy access for estates staff.

Tracey saw how much work goes on to make things we take for granted happen and how so much of what the company does is a success when people don’t even notice it or think about it.