Meet Alicia, Ashdon and Ellen who we are delighted chose to work for NTW Solutions after successfully completing apprenticeships

Alicia Doney

“I left school after my A levels and took a year out to travel before starting my Level 3 apprenticeship in Business Administration. I wanted to do an apprenticeship because it meant I could gain experience and a qualification, whilst earning a wage.

I started in February 2020, working in the recruitment team which is based at St Nicholas Hospital. Unfortunately I was only in the office for 4 weeks before the start of the pandemic and since then I’ve been supported by my team to work from home. We use MS Teams to keep in touch and this is also how I learn new things. I know I can contact the staff if I have any issues. My college classroom sessions are now also delivered remotely. It was strange at first but I’m getting used to working this way.

Since the pandemic started, I know there has been a lot of uncertainty in the job market especially for people my age, so I feel very lucky to have started my apprenticeship when I did. I also feel proud to work in a role that supports the NHS. As part of my job, I have helped recruit new staff into the Trust and this has been especially important during the pandemic.

I would definitely recommend doing an apprenticeship.  I think the scheme gives you the skills and experience you need to help you get a job. Six months into my apprenticeship, I was asked if I would cover a colleague’s maternity leave so I’m currently working as a Recruitment Officer.”

Ashdon Henry

“I started my Business Administration Apprenticeship within NTW Solutions ESR Team in April of 2019 and started working towards my Level 2 qualification in Customer Service simultaneously.

The best part of working within the Solutions Workforce team for me are the people I work with and the constant support I receive from my colleagues along with the wide variety of queries we receive and still every day I am learning new things and expanding my knowledge. 

After being out of work for 2 and a half years after I left college, the CNTW Apprenticeship Scheme and NTW Solutions work path has allowed me to build work related skills and work towards a valuable qualification with the option of going onto a Level 3. The support I have received throughout my apprenticeship and the relationships I have built have helped me grow a lot as a person and my confidence has improved a great deal.

To anybody who is thinking of pursuing an Apprenticeship I say – go for it! The opportunity to build your skills within a working environment, developing a positive attitude towards working life, meeting new people and learning from them through their past experiences whilst earning a salary gives you a financial independence and really does set you up for the future”

Ellen Calder

“I completed my apprenticeship in Business Administration with Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust. I now have a full-time job with the subsidiary Company NTW Solutions Limited, and I am really enthusiastic about the benefits of apprenticeships.

I started as a Business Admin apprentice in the Trust’s Finance Department in April 2018.

After completing my diploma in Business Administration, this led to my successful interview as a Finance Officer within NTW Solutions in October 2018.

An opportunity arose on a higher band within the financial accounting team and I was successfully appointed as Financial Accounting and Salary Sacrifice Coordinator in December 2019.

The CNTW Apprenticeship scheme and the NTW Solutions work path has enabled me to strengthen my financial knowledge and resulted in me enrolling in my AAT qualification through the Apprenticeship Levy. I am grateful to work for a supportive employment that have given me the opportunity to complete this.

For me, one of the best things about working for NTW Solutions’ Finance Team is our flexible working hours. This is quite helpful for a lot of us, as we can fit work around our lifestyles.

I would definitely recommend doing an apprenticeship! I feel that apprenticeships are not always valued as much as they should be. In my opinion, apprenticeships are actually really beneficial because you get to gain experience in a real working environment and strengthen your skills, all while earning money. It’s a win-win!”