Meeting the Team That is Making Sure Everyone Benefits 

Andrew Buckley, a non-executive director on our company board recently visited our Everyone Benefits Team and spoke to Lee Cant, who not only heads up the team but is our company lead for innovation. The Everyone Benefits Team provide a range of staff benefits to staff at NTW Solutions and Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust (CNTW).  


Andrew had visited the Lease Car Team not long after it transferred into the company and saw for himself how the scheme and the team has grown over the years. They now look after over 1,800 cars, including those in the lease car scheme as well as the transport fleet for NTW Solutions and CNTW. The team not only provides the lease car scheme to the CNTW Group, but also for other NHS trusts and is looking to expand into other sectors as well.  


He also heard how the team is responding to the climate emergency, with 57% of the fleet now being fully electric or hybrid, with plans to be fully electric by 2030 across the whole fleet. The team have also managed the replacement of all of the electric chargers across the CNTW estate with 70 new charges going in over the last 18 months. In addition, the team also offer the installation of home chargers, the cost of which be paid back alongside the period of a car lease. 


Andrew heard how the team has expanded into other areas and now looks after all of the financial employee benefits for the whole of the CNTW Group. This includes the very popular Everyone Benefits saving scheme where people pay directly from their salary each month, receiving the savings back in a payment in October. The scheme each year saves just over £1m on behalf of staff. They also look after a range of other benefits, including travel passes and bus passes and are constantly looking to improve the service and bring in new benefits where possible. 


Andrew chatted to the team and talked about their work, including how they look after the existing customers as well as how they process up to 15 new lease car requests that come in each week. He heard how they had close relationships with the car manufacturers and dealers and constantly update the system with the best deals on offer. He heard the team are always happy for people to check with them directly to see if there was something to suit your needs, as well as using the online quotation system. 


Andrew saw how the team are doing their best to help people in the cost of living crisis as well as how the benefits the team offer support us to be a great and inclusive employer. He also heard some of the feedback for the team and got an insight into the high levels of customer service they provide. He’s looking forward to visiting the team in the future and seeing even more growth and success.