No Mow May

We look after some wonderful green spaces and we want to make sure that they are the best they can be for services users, staff and local communities. We want them to be well-managed and welcoming but also rich with biodiversity. This year we’ve introduced some No Mow Zones on our sites where the grass was be left to grow throughout May.

Together as garden owners and green space managers we can have a huge impact on biodiversity by letting patches of grass flourish throughout the summer.

The UK has lost nearly 97% of flower rich meadows since the 1970’s and with them gone, so is vital food needed by pollinators, like bees and butterflies. But if we hold off from cutting it a little while longer, we can give UK pollinators – and the birds and animals who eat them – a much-needed boost.

This is why we’re supporting the Plantlife campaign and encouraging everyone to get involved with NoMowMay and let wild plants get a head start on the summer. We hope you notice the difference and enjoy our green spaces.