No walk in the park for our Walkergate Park Estates Team

Tracey Sopp, our Managing Director met with the small but perfectly formed Estates Team that keep Walkergate Park well maintained. NTW Solutions has taken over the estate management contract for the site following the collapse of the contractor to the PFI company. This has brought the management of the site into the CNTW Group and brought maintenance and repairs closer to the clinical priorities of the services based there. She saw first-hand the dedication the team have in keeping the site in the best possible condition.

Where once things may have needed contractual negotiations with the PFI provider, NTW Solutions can now just get on and get the job done. For example, gardeners from Northgate have been lending a helping hand and painters have been coming across from St Nicholas hospital. All Estates teams are working together as one to do what is needed to provide the best possible accommodation for clinical services.

Tracey was able to see for herself the things that she had only seen before in business cases and plans, for example the new water tanks which have been installed which were badly needed. She also heard about the guttering that is due to be replaced which will enable the render to be repainted which will make a huge difference to the look of the site.

She heard from the team there how passionate they are about their jobs, how proud they are of the recent improvements made such as the redecoration work done, and how much they feel they are able to make a difference. Tracey heard a story about how a patient hoist was broken and the length the team went to get it repaired knowing that it would affect a patient if the work wasn’t carried out. The team are in awe of all of the clinical teams and the work they do on site and the clinical teams are appreciative of the work that’s going on to make the environment the best it can be.