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We are really glad you are thinking of working with us

Hello I’m Lottie and I’m the Site Manager at Northgate Park Hospital

It’s great you are interested in joining us.

Our team of Domestics keep our buildings clean and tidy and provide a great service to patients, visitors and staff. You could be cleaning a hospital ward, patient bedroom or office areas and corridors. Because we provide services to the NHS your work supports better patient care. It’s important work and you will need to take pride in what you do and complete tasks to a high standard.  

If you work on a hospital ward you will be working alongside patients who have mental health conditions, learning disabilities or brain injuries. You could be cleaning their rooms and the shared areas on the ward and you will get to know them and the clinical staff and you’ll feel part of the team. It can be a real challenge working on wards like ours but we also know that our staff find it rewarding.

We will help you get settled in and give you the support and training you need. We have friendly and supportive teams here and our staff survey tells us that people love working here and find what they do really rewarding.

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You can find out more about the job of a Domestic and more about NTW Solutions on this page, as well as details about how to apply

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What is it like to be a Domestic?

Hear from two of our Domestics about what the job is like and what it is like to work here

Hi, I’m Rachel, a Domestic at Northgate Park Hospital

Being a Domestic is a good job, you come in, get your tasks, get it done within the day and have a bit of a chat with patients and staff while you’re at it. There is the satisfaction of doing a job well and you can see that something is clean where it wasn’t before

I’m a floating member of staff which means I see the whole hospital and move around different wards and buildings. I get to meet the whole range of patients and all the different staff members and nursing assistants. It makes it really varied and interesting.

One thing that makes this job different from any other cleaning job is the patients and if you’re cleaning their bedroom say you end up chatting to them and one conversation can brighten their day. I know them all by first name and they know mine and ask about my day, it makes me smile!

Honestly, it’s just so friendly here! On my first day I had that gut-wrenching feeling, but everyone was just so nice and it’s so easy to fit in, and it’s those little things that make you want to come into work. I even told my brother to apply because I knew he’d love it!

Hi, I’m Ian, a Domestic at Northgate Park Hospital

Being a Domestic is so much more than just cleaning because you are in wards with patients with all kinds of mental health issues and to be honest that can be challenging.

But it’s the patients that make the job so different and rewarding. You get to know the patients and they remember your name, shake your hand and you can have good chat with them!

I know in some places people might see you as ‘just a cleaner’ but coming here you don’t feel any different to anyone else on the team. The people here are friendly and you really feel part of a team regardless of what job you do.

Everyday is different for sure. You start the day off seeing the team, get a cuppa sorted, then you get your sheets with exactly what you’re doing and where.

Once you know what you’re doing you’re trusted to go get the job done. The supervisors are there to help if you need it, but you get on with the job until it’s done.

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Who are NTW Solutions?

NTW Solutions Limited is proud to provide services to the NHS. We keep hospitals clean and patients fed and we keep buildings running and grounds tidy. Our pharmacy team ensures patients get the medicine they need, and our workforce team recruits people onto the frontline. We transcribe thousands of important medical letters, provide a lease car service to keep people on the move, and ensure suppliers are paid on time.

We are dedicated to being a great inclusive place to work. We provide a wide range of benefits including a good rate of pay and pension and an extensive range of discounts. We care about health and wellbeing and offer a range of support for the people who work here.

We believe everyone has potential and welcome applications from people from a culturally diverse background, those who are LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, anyone who is unemployed or has been out of work for a period of time, or those who have served in our armed forces.

We were set up by Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust to provide support services. As a limited company we have built a commercial ethos onto our NHS values and now provide our services to other NHS organisations and beyond.

We make a difference to people’s lives and working here is fulfilling and rewarding. Our social purpose is also driving our plans to become net zero and to tackle discrimination and champion equality. Working here means joining a friendly bunch of people dedicated to supporting better care.

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