NTW Solutions launch lease car management service

NTW Solutions is delighted to announce the launch of its lease car management service. The new service went live on 1st April 2018 and we have successfully transitioned the existing fleet of 1,400 cars back in-house from the former management company and have hit the ground running. Our website is providing unlimited live quotes 24/7 and our staff are on hand to help in all areas of the scheme.

The NTW Solutions lease car team are looking forward to providing our customers with a professional and personal service and finding them the right car at the right price.

We are very excited to announce the launch of our lease car management service. Our service is built on both a strong understanding of what staff and customers really value about a lease car scheme and on many years of experience of these services in the NHS. Our aims for the future are to provide the best possible services to all of our partners and customers, with a focus on quality, best value and flexibility to meet any customer needs.

Tracey Sopp, Director of Finance, NTW Solutions