NTW Solutions launches new service!

Digital Dictation team joins the NTW Solution family.

NTW Solutions is delighted to welcome the Digital Dictation team to its family of services. This fantastic team joined the Company on 1st July and already there are plans underway to develop and grow the team further.

All members of the team are employed by NTW Solutions on permanent contracts which has been welcomed by all as the majority of staff were previously employed on a temporary basis via an agency arrangement. Christine Stewart, Programme and Improvement Manager and lead for the Digital Dictation Service said:

“Being able to offer this improved level of employment security to staff was high on our list of aims when bringing the service into the Company. We will make financial savings and go on to generate increased income, but it was important to us that staff felt secure and part of the team”.

The Digital Dictation team are located at Monkwearmouth Hospital in Sunderland and offer a round the clock service 365 days per year. Completely UK based with extensive knowledge of NHS processes and structures. They serve a number of clinical teams with an accurate, efficient and high quality transcription service which we are looking to significantly expand. We are excited for the journey ahead with these staff.