Project Choice – 3 staff appointments made

Project Choice is Supported Internship for 16-24 year olds with disabilities, learning disabilities, difficulties and/or Autism.

Since 2017 NTW solutions have provided placements and mentored seventeen students. We are delighted that three students have gained full time employment with us over the past year.
One of our new recruits said

“It is brilliant that my hard work has not gone unnoticed and I have been able to gain work, I am very happy.”

The programme enables young adults to gain work experience and improve employability and independence skills. The internships in NTW Solutions are in supported environments helping to get individuals ready for the working world. Our students spend one academic year learning work skills in three placements, each placement is up to twelve weeks long.

Workplace mentors organise work for learners that requires them to apply their knowledge and skills in increasingly complex ways. As a result, learners are confident to carry out tasks, such as checking wages, delivering internal post, providing domestic support to NHS standards or accurately and productively provide administrative support.

Victoria Bullerwell, Head of Workforce and OD, said

“The way in which all our workplace mentors support the students in developing their skills and workplace behaviour has been exceptional.”

One of our mentors, said:

‘Having a person with learning difficulties in the department has had a positive effect. It has made us much more aware of how we communicate with people and it has given a great boost to everyone in the department’.

Here are some really positive quotes from our student interns:

“I feel like an adult. I have travelled to work independently, done my job and travelled home independently – just like other workers. I’m so proud of myself, I want to keep working.”

“Project Choice has made me have hope and also it gave me an idea of what I want to do when I leave the course.”

“The estates team is a brilliant place to work, I have a sense of purpose and responsibility.”

“This is the first time I have felt accepted.”

NTW Solutions has warmly welcomed 3 new members of staff to the domestic and porter teams over the past year, following their successful completion of the programme.