Providing A Warm Reception

Tracey Sopp, our Managing Director, got a feel for the busy work of one of our receptions when she visited Carleton Clinic in Cumbria. This was highlighted when the visit was interrupted constantly by either the phone ringing or people coming to the desk, all met with a cheerful and efficient response. 

As with other sites, the reception at Carleton Clinic is a real hub and the team there like to set the right first impression for anybody visiting the hospital. The range of tasks they undertake is wide and varied including staffing the reception itself, which can mean a whole range of queries which can be totally out of the blue. They told Tracey how no day goes by without hearing a question that you’ve never heard had before.  

They also manage the switchboard for the site, sort outgoing mail, oversee the CCTV, and distribute safety alarms. Tracey was able to have a go at some of the tasks, thankfully with the reception staff on hand to make sure that no one was sent in the wrong direction. Tracey saw first-hand how central the reception is and how vital the work is to the services on the site.