Excellent feedback received about our Transcription Service.

In July 2018 NTW Solutions welcomed the Digital Dictation Team to its family of services.

The Digital Dictation Team are located at Monkwearmouth Hospital in Sunderland and offer a round the clock service 365 days per year. Completely UK based with extensive knowledge of NHS processes and structures. They serve a number of clinical teams with an accurate, efficient and high quality transcription service.

We would like to share some of the feedback we received from a recent survey of our 330 clinical customers:

“The transcription team have been the most amazing addition to the Trust, dictation has been such a blessing in being able to carry out our role as clinicians. The team are tirelessly working in the background but are the backbone of the service and don’t know how I would manage without you all!”

“This team are an amazing and invaluable resource, nothing is ever too much for them and they communicate any issues with our dictations rapidly so they are easily resolved. Couldn’t have been more grateful for their support in recent times especially.”

“I am in a fast pace job which requires a quick turnaround of information. The team do not just provide me with this service, but its quality is excellent. I am not English native speaker and my accent is probably difficult to understand but the level of accuracy is great to the extent of allowing me not to make too many corrections unless it is my own fault.”

We are really pleased with the feedback and 93% of the survey respondents rated the service as Excellent and 7% as Good.

Chris Stewart, Head of Performance and Transcription Services, said:

“The team’s job is to support clinical decision making by ensuring patient notes are typed into Rio (electronic patient record). Accuracy and attention to detail are vital for the team and their work means that patient information is available when needed, enabling clinical teams to make informed decisions about the care of our patients. A number of the team feel that their work provides a way of giving back, to them it’s not about transcribing dictations, it’s about patient care.”